Improved Computer Uptime and Performance

The biggest thing that has been accomplished was that all the computers got cleaned up and now operate the way they need to!  Before TeamLogic IT came on board, it appeared that every time we turned around there was something wrong with one of the computers and we had to pay some technician to come out and repair the computer.  We were not able to track the repairs and the expense.  The cost of my repairs is down tremendously. I know how much to budget every month for IT.  I very strongly recommend TeamLogic IT – recommend getting away from contracts where they only come out when it is broken.

Another huge benefit to our company since moving to Team Logic has been peace of mind. Knowing that at any time we have an IT issue, we are covered by a team of individuals that can remotely log into our system and fix any issue we may have.  What Team Logic does better than any other IT company we have used in the past is that their ability to quickly understand all aspects of our inner IT structures and security issues. I am also impressed at how quickly they resolve or issues saving us thousands in overhead repair costs.

I would say that the support staff is the best and I have ever worked with a more friendly and supportive staff than ever. I know that at any time of the day or night, someone is there to help. That is worth its weight in gold when everything is on the line in our 24-7 business cycle.

Patrick Pulliam
The Official Ticket Center