Experience, knowledge and capabilities to supply the necessary IT Services

We are small company and prior to our relationship with Team Logic our IT functions were concentrated in the hands of one individual with little or no backup.  This was a precarious position to be in as a serious injury or illness to that individual could have left our company in a very vulnerable position.  Making the move to Team Logic has provided peace of mind in that not only do we have our dedicated TeamLogic team member, we also have the full resources of the larger organization and franchise that we can leverage as required.

Bruce and his team did a thorough review of our IT operation and needs and presented a comprehensive service approach to not only meet our service needs, but to also improve our IT operations by leveraging some of the TeamLogic protocols and vendor partnerships.  Bruce Eichman was straightforward and flexible during the services review process and made the transition to TeamLogic much less complicated than we thought it would be.

TeamLogic, and specifically Bruce Eichman and his team, have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to supply the necessary IT Services to keep a small business operational and more importantly up to date and current in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity threats.  Bruce and Patrick have been responsive to our needs and have provided critical to support for FHM Insurance at a time when we needed it most.

Matt J. Lupino, CPCU
President / CEO
FHM Insurance Company