Protected and Data is Recoverable

The best benefit I have received by engaging the services of TeamLogic IT is knowing that I am protected.  I am a solo practitioner and I use a laptop for my business and I also have a stand-alone at home.  Several years ago, I chose an online backup service for my computer system, one that I had to schedule and run.  Unfortunately, my laptop was stolen when I was the victim of a burglary. and not only lost my computer to theft, but all of the billing and timekeeping information and email that was supposed to be backed up.  As a result of the theft and backup problem, there was a HUGE 13-month hole in my billing and time keeping and email data.

Several years later I moved my business to Jacksonville. I interviewed several IT companies, and only TeamLogic IT was able to provide small scaled services to me at a price I could afford.  My home and office computers are “hooked up” and I have access to both from either location. Furthermore, I am confident that the data I have is (1) backed up; (2) secure; and (3) accessible to me on a moment’s notice.

If someone is on the fence about using TeamLogic IT services, I would strongly recommend they hire TeamLogic IT. The pricing is fair, the service is great, and my confidence level in TeamLogic IT’s data storage and recovery is high.

Kevin Jean McKinley, P.A.
Law Office of Kevin Jean McKinley