Disaster Averted!

Several weeks ago, I opened an email from who I thought was the Florida Bar. Once I opened it my computer was infected with a ransom virus that completely took over the entire operating system. My practice lives and dies by my ability to use my computer, so I called Bruce at 7am the next morning (yes. That’s not a typo, 7am) and he picked up on the second ring. I'm sure he heard the desperation in my voice because he moved appointments around so that I could bring him my computer the first thing that morning. I had my computer back the very next day. completely virus free and he was able to recover all of my corrupt documents. which equated to about $ 10,000.00 in billable hours. This is one of several occasions that I have used Team Logic IT and each time they impress me with their knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Team Logic IT for your simplest and most advanced computer issues.

James D. Allen, Esq.
James D. Allen Law