Experience, knowledge and capabilities to supply the necessary IT Services

We are small company and prior to our relationship with Team Logic our IT functions were concentrated in the hands of one individual with little or no backup.  This was a precarious position to be in as a serious injury or illness to that individual could have left our company in a very vulnerable position.  Making the move to Team Logic has provided peace of mind in that not only do we have our dedicated TeamLogic team member, we also have the full resources of the larger organization and franchise that we can leverage as required.

Bruce and his team did a thorough review of our IT operation and needs and presented a comprehensive service approach to not only meet our service needs, but to also improve our IT operations by leveraging some of the TeamLogic protocols and vendor partnerships.  Bruce Eichman was straightforward and flexible during the services review process and made the transition to TeamLogic much less complicated than we thought it would be.

TeamLogic, and specifically Bruce Eichman and his team, have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to supply the necessary IT Services to keep a small business operational and more importantly up to date and current in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity threats.  Bruce and Patrick have been responsive to our needs and have provided critical to support for FHM Insurance at a time when we needed it most.

Matt J. Lupino, CPCU President / CEO
FHM Insurance Company

Small Firm Feel, Large Firm Support

TeamLogic IT provides us with peace of mind, period. I know that if I have IT issues that pop up, they’ll get them handled quickly and efficiently. While they have the feel of a small, local firm, they also provide the service delivery of a larger business. We’ve dealt with both sizes of firms -- bigger firms and one-man local businesses – and had snags and challenges with each. We appreciate the personal service feel associated with a smaller firm; however, we used to stress that the “one man” shop is too busy or sick to get to us when we needed it. Your firm is small enough to know how we operate and who the players are and big enough to be very responsive and efficient.

We expect all of our vendors to provide 5-star service like we do at Viking Capital. We know the importance of it for our clients and expect it from our vendors. Three critical qualities are required for our vendors and support teams – responsiveness, intelligence, and politeness. Your firm passes the test in all three categories.

TeamLogic IT is the best fit for me and my firm. I am extremely vocal and pretty unforgiving when it comes to service; just ask the previous IT firms we worked with. You guys at TeamLogic win hands-down for supporting our operation. If you’re questioning the level of service from your current IT guy, go and call TeamLogic IT now!

Greg Powell President / CEO
Viking Capital, Inc

Impressive Knowledge and Professionalism

Several weeks ago, I opened an email from. who I thought was the Florida Bar. Once I opened it my computer was infected with a ransom virus that completely took over the entire operating system. My practice lives and dies by my ability to use my computer, so I called Bruce at 7am the next morning (yes. That’s not a typo, 7am) and he picked up on the second ring. I'm sure he heard the desperation in my voice because he moved appointments around so that I could bring him my computer the first thing that morning. I had my computer back the very next day. completely virus free and he was able to recover all of my corrupt documents. which equated to about $ 10.000.00 in billable hours. This is one of several occasions that I have used Team Logic IT and each time they impress me with their knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Team Logic IT for your simplest and most advanced computer issues.

James D. Allen, Esq. Owner
James D. Allen Law

Just a Phone Call Away

Team Logic IT has saved our company time and money! In addition to managing operations, I have solely managed the IT needs for our company since we opened in 2007. Since 2007, we have grown from a single office with 10 computers and one simple network to 7 offices and roughly 80 computers. As you can imagine, managing the maintenance, updates, and infrastructure for our company became quite the chore. Team Logic IT now maintains our systems, provides quarterly system updates, and is always just a phone call away to resolve any issues that may arise; and these always pop up when least expected! Team Logic IT has never let us down. Thus, leaving me the necessary time to manage our growing operations! Team Logic IT is ever professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. Unlike other IT companies, we don't wait days or weeks for a resolution or return call. Our inquiries are handled promptly, always resolved timely, and our bill is always reasonable.

Nanci Soriano COO
Exit Real Estate Gallery

Professional, Knowledgeable, Responsive

We consistently receive personalized service and timely responses.  The TeamLogic IT team understands our needs and develops solutions in a timely manner.   Always available: when we have a need, it is a timely resolution to our complete satisfaction.  Bruce and his team take their jobs seriously.  They are professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

Lep Adams, P.A. Owner
A.G. Adams Law


As an Executive Coach I get many different opportunities to help my clients. My client, a business owner was sitting in his session and I asked, "What is your worry of the day?" With big sigh, he said, "you know I am President of the Board of Directors of DePaul School. Well we have IT technical issues", I gave him Dr. Bruce's contact information and they immediately connected. DePaul School was thrilled with TeamLogic’s response and services. It makes me feel very secure and relieved to know I have a company that I can refer my corporate clients to for their IT needs knowing TeamLogic IT will take care of them with professionalism and integrity!

Karen Nutter Owner
Coaching by Karen

Quality Service

Bruce and the Team Logic IT team are absolutely incredible. I spoke with Bruce on a Wednesday about the needs of our office, he was out by Friday. At that time, he was upfront with what he thought we might need, and we arranged a time for his team to come out to complete the set up. The Team Logic IT team was on location the first day that our office had availability. The job was completed in an extremely timely manner, and the quality of the work was amazing. I could not be more satisfied with Bruce and the TeamLogic team, and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs IT services.

Dr. Vincent Farrar Pediatric Chiropractor
Slainte Chiropractic

Exceptional Security and Service

I really don’t have to think about security or service because I know TeamLogic IT is carefully monitoring our systems and they’re ready when we need them. TeamLogic IT creates a peace of mind around our technology and infrastructure.    I’d say that investment in managed services with TLIT is a smart move and a small price to pay for guaranteed business continuity and excellent customer service.

Chris Mellott Chief Financial Officer
Quick Tie Products

Protected and Data is Recoverable

The best benefit I have received by engaging the services of TeamLogic IT is knowing that I am protected.  I am a solo practitioner and I use a laptop for my business and I also have a stand-alone at home.  Several years ago, I chose an online backup service for my computer system, one that I had to schedule and run.  Unfortunately, my laptop was stolen when I was the victim of a burglary. and not only lost my computer to theft, but all of the billing and timekeeping information and email that was supposed to be backed up.  As a result of the theft and backup problem, there was a HUGE 13-month hole in my billing and time keeping and email data.

Several years later I moved my business to Jacksonville. I interviewed several IT companies, and only TeamLogic IT was able to provide small scaled services to me at a price I could afford.  My home and office computers are “hooked up” and I have access to both from either location. Furthermore, I am confident that the data I have is (1) backed up; (2) secure; and (3) accessible to me on a moment’s notice.

If someone is on the fence about using TeamLogic IT services, I would strongly recommend they hire TeamLogic IT. The pricing is fair, the service is great, and my confidence level in TeamLogic IT’s data storage and recovery is high.

Kevin Jean McKinley, P.A. Owner
Law Office of Kevin Jean McKinley

A Company you can Trust!

The single biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the trust factor. TeamLogic IT of Jacksonville has earned our trust early on. Trust is something earned over time and from the initial meeting to the present, the promises made have been kept and we have felt very comfortable in knowing our data is safe and secure.

Knowing the challenges with former companies and being able to address those challenges professionally has been an asset in our highly demanding business.

Jack Boyd President / CEO
Cardio Solutions, Inc.

Meets Our Every IT Need

We have a team that handles our IT needs. I spend more time in concentrating on the activities that are growing the business. I am consistently satisfied with the customer service and response time to resolve any of our concerns with TeamLogic IT.  You will not regret making the switch. I have been happy customer for 3 years.

Carolyn Reid Practice Owner
Reid Physicians Group

Full Confidence, Full Support, Fast Response

I feel that our information and our patients’ information is more secure now than it was before.  I have full confidence that we are as fully supported as we can possibly be between the fast responses to our concerns (especially knowing how busy you guys are) and the obvious level of expertise each staff member of yours (and you) possesses.

TeamLogic IT explains why certain things are necessary and don’t stonewall us into anything you recommend.  They give us the pros and cons of our choices and respect the decisions we make.  They are also very quick to respond to our issues when they arise and are patient with us when we don’t understand the technicalities behind different technical issues.  Everyone at TeamLogic IT is genuine and has great customer service.  TeamLogic IT talks to us like real people and don’t make any of us feel like we’re inconveniencing you.

If you're looking for an IT group that will get the job done right, treat you with respect, and provide honest and direct advice and corrections to issues, this is who you need to work with. Since day one this group has been nothing but helpful to our practice. They're exceptionally efficient, well-informed on the current issues effecting all things IT, and they continue to provide us with excellent customer service with every call and ticket we submit. Their knowledge on all things HIPAA was impressive as well. They truly understand how and what we need in order to not only function well technically but maintain a network that provides the best in security for our patient information. We love TeamLogic IT!”

Samantha Reeder Practice Manager
Intracoastal Dermatology

Good Character

TeamLogic IT is very reliable and provides timely, responsive service in our time of need.  This is an IT Services Provider who truly understands how critical IT services are to my business.  We cannot afford to be down, our productivity grinds to a halt.  The company owner and employees are caring people with good character.

Steven M. Price, ChFC, CLU Owner
Price Investments

Professional, Fast and Knowledgeable

Team Logic helped us when we moved our offices.  The transition (over a weekend) was seamless.  Not only did they have us up and running Monday morning, but they had a technician in our offices that morning to ensure, had there been an issue, they were prepared to resolve it immediately.  We experienced zero down time and lost no man hours.  Team Logic is professional, fast and knowledgeable.

Team Logic responds quickly to all service tickets including emergencies.  I always feel as if I am their only customer. I would say that based on my informed opinion, you are not likely to find a more responsive team.  Their team will explain every issue to completely and will always give you options.  You will be hard pressed to find a better IT company.

Wendy Allen Practice Administrator
Edwards & Ragatz, P.A.


TeamLogic always provides a quick response to a request.  When they come out, they are always courteous and work on the problem until it is fixed.  You make us a priority and come to our location if the problem cannot be addressed remotely.  We feel that we have our own IT person available at our workplace. Try them out, you will be glad you did.  We sure are!

Cathy Deckard Controller
Roller Die + Forming | Rossville

Peace of Mind

TeamLogic IT provides us with peace of mind that everything is taken care of and that any problems will be fixed quickly.  This is important to someone who has very little computer knowledge.   They provide a prompt response to any request, whether it is a service call or a call just for information.  Explains things so I can understand them!

I would recommend they choose your company and get Patrick as their go-to “person.”   I like the other employees, they are great, but he is the best!  He is very knowledgeable and is excellent at everything he does.

Cynthia Nichols, P.A. Owner
Nichols Law

Improved Computer Uptime and Performance

The biggest thing that has been accomplished was that all the computers got cleaned up and now operate the way they need to!  Before TeamLogic IT came on board, it appeared that every time we turned around there was something wrong with one of the computers and we had to pay some technician to come out and repair the computer.  We were not able to track the repairs and the expense.  The cost of my repairs is down tremendously. I know how much to budget every month for IT.  I very strongly recommend TeamLogic IT – recommend getting away from contracts where they only come out when it is broken.

Another huge benefit to our company since moving to Team Logic has been peace of mind. Knowing that at any time we have an IT issue, we are covered by a team of individuals that can remotely log into our system and fix any issue we may have.  What Team Logic does better than any other IT company we have used in the past is that their ability to quickly understand all aspects of our inner IT structures and security issues. I am also impressed at how quickly they resolve or issues saving us thousands in overhead repair costs.

I would say that the support staff is the best and I have ever worked with a more friendly and supportive staff than ever. I know that at any time of the day or night, someone is there to help. That is worth its weight in gold when everything is on the line in our 24-7 business cycle.

Patrick Pulliam Owner
The Official Ticket Center

Peace of Mind

I knew Accu-Tax needed a review of our network security and data storage. But like others, it took a loss of data for us to actually hire TeamLogic IT to complete an assessment and to make sure we would not have to recreate data from hardcopies again in the future. Bruce and his technicians made the process extremely easy, from determining the needs to all the setups and configurations. I highly recommend TeamLogic IT for all your network backups and security needs. Peace of mind knowing that our data is safe and retrievable is priceless!

Lise Vargo CEO
Accu-Tax and Financial Services Corp


Coming off our last IT firm, things were a mess. Once TeamLogic IT was onboard, the technology hardware and services were all straightened out.  Our up time was maximized, and down time was minimized. They are very responsive and actually fix the problems, not patching the issues.  We have grown to now include TeamLogic IT to manage the IT in our London, England location.

With employee costs going up constantly, downtime on computers leads to lost revenue that cannot be gained back. Keep your company up and running using TeamLogic IT.

Kirk Luchman Executive Vice President
Amelia Underwriters

Efficient & Reasonable

TeamLogic IT set up the wi-fi network for my small business.  They recommended the right equipment and set it up efficiently, for a very reasonable fee.  I was pleasantly surprised and have not had problems with the network for these first two years of the business.

The people at TeamLogic IT are polite and easy to work with.  They understand what I need, even when I am not sure, and they give me clear information and instructions.  They seem to understand that I don’t have time to understand my IT systems and so they are glad to take that burden off of my shoulders. I would definitely give them a try!

Adam G. Mersereau Law Firm Partner

Proactive and Efficient

TeamLogic is fast in reaction to any problem or concern we report.  Even better than that, they are PROACTIVE in their pursuit to ensure we have our needs met.

For businesses that cannot feasibly have their own on-site IT staff because of cost or size, using a reliable company like TeamLogic is the only way to feel great about the status of your technology.  As a school, we have to ensure that our computers and tablets are safe, efficient, and reliable for our students and teachers to use.  TeamLogic IT got us there.

Amber K. Oliveira, Ed.D. Head of School
DePaul School of Northeast Florida